Wildlife and Waterfall Wanderings


Offered by the owner , Richard Parsons! In English, Español, Francais oder auf Deutsch, these tours are offered by Richard, who considers himself an "in-depth naturalist guide" who adores waterfalls as well as everything that is wild nature.
Be prepared to explore, and discover Ecuador, a country which has so many truly amazing natural secrets, that most tours do not even begin to try to find them......

Feel like an adventure discovering amazing and unique wildlife, and refreshing cascading waterfalls? Northwestern Ecuador offers just this special combination …. as well as northeastern and southern Ecuador! ! See below for suggestion: BELLAVISTA ALTERNATIVE 8.
Waterfalls are always flowing in the cloud forests and lower elevation tropical forests, but depending on the time of year some individual falls vary from being great for swimming, to being spectacular rushing torrents to view from a slight distance! !
The idea of this trip is to combine the adventure of discovering waterfalls with reserves ad lodes where great wildlife (particularly birds and mammals ) can be seen. The simple pre- requisites are that you enjoy wildlife, enjoy some hiking, and enjoy plunging into waterfalls, or just watching the power of water……

There are essentially two options: a day-to-day pre-organized trip … for example, Alternative Eight: Wildlife and Waterfalls of the Northwest or a trip with flexible overnight options, that allows you to decide whether you would like to explore an area for a longer or shorter period, but with the reliable trip framework of a 4-wheel drive vehicle (for maximum exploration options!), with a bilingual (or multilingual!) driver – guide who has the same passion for wildlife and waterfalls, and who knows the area very well, and is always open to explore new options! Accommodations to suit your preferences and budget!

Cost of a tailor-made trip: varies, according to number of days, and lodging / meals included.

Cost of just the 4-wheel drive vehicle with driver-guide: $195 per day (shared between 1-3 people) or $235 (shared between 4 – 5 people, larger 4-wheel drive vehicle) . This includes car and driver-guide, cost of petrol / diesel, and incidental car fees. For a SPECIALIST BIRDING guide, the additional cost per day is $75 (shared between 1-3 people) or additional $95 (shared between 4 – 5 people ). You cover lodging and 3 meals / day for yourselves and also for the driver-guide (who at some places gets a reduced rate), any entrance fees and incidental drinks etc. Picnics are always possible, families welcome.

Highlights of northwestern Ecuador:
- Hummingbirds, toucans, the newly-described mamma l- the Olinguito - and waterfalls at Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge and Reserve
- Wildlife (toucans , agoutis and more) and waterfalls near San Miguel de Los Bancos and Milpe Reserve, including the delightful Tatará waterfall.
- Exuberant waterfall (El Grito) and ancient lowland forest near Pedro Vicente Maldonado

Highlights of Northeastern Ecuador
- San Rafael Falls.. the highest waterfall in Ecuador!
- The untamed falls of the River Hollïn
- Wild Sumaco Reserve and Lodge in the foothills of the Amazon Basin!

Extra options near Quito:
Andean Condors nesting near a waterfall in Antisana Reserve
Thermal baths at Papallacta .. not waterfalls but very special, en route to the northeast.

AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME! ALTERNATIVE 8: Wildlife and Waterfalls of the Northwest .

4 days 3 nights: This option includes 2 overnights in Bellavista, and one overnight at a comfortable lodging at lower elevation in the northwest.
Features Bellavista and its Hidden Falls Experience, Pahúma waterfall, Puma Sacha waterfall, Angel Paz Cock-of-the-Rock, Alambi Hummingbird Reserve, Milpe Reserve, Tatará waterfall, Cascada del Amor, Mirador Rio Blanco.
Extra nights / days possible! Different bird and mammal species, more waterfalls in little-known reserves. Please ask.

Costs: 1 person STANDARD room: $1170
2 people STANDARD rooms: $890
3 or more people STANDARD rooms: $770
1 person SUPERIOR rooms at Bellavista: $1270
2 people SUPERIOR rooms at Bellavista: $965
3 or more people SUPERIOR rooms at Bellavista: $845
Single Supplement STANDARD rooms: $70
Single Supplement SUPERIOR rooms: $100



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