Our Story

Bellavista is a dream come true - we always wanted to live in a round house on top of a mountain! But the lodge has developed with a life of its own, very much moulded by visitor needs and comments. The photos above show what we actually bought, a shack where we at first lived, but a place, with spectacular views of mountain and forest, that invited the development of original ideas and plans.

The Reserve too has grown in size and importance for the protection of the wildlife and nature that exists there, and we have watched it recuperate as formerly deforested areas of the reserve rapidly regrow. Conservation is for ever, and that is our goal. The project (for that is what Bellavista is!) is central to our lives and a source of deep satisfaction.

Everybody imagines we bought the land to build a lodge, but we didn´t, it was to conserve the land and protect it from predatory cows. Predatory on the forest of course, which has to be cut in order to create pasture for them. Only one other person was interested in buying the first piece of land where we eventually built the lodge, and his goal was to expand the cattle hacienda he owned up the road. So we were in the right place at the right time, almost as if it was our destiny to protect this land.

The wonderful thing is that we can be creative in design for the living areas of the lodge ( for visitors, resident employees and ourselves) and can feel the joy of exploration as we and friends make trails into the forest, down to hidden waterfalls, discovering the profusion of life that is here. Creatvity and conservation drive Bellavista, and drive our lives too!

"I had such a great experience at your beautiful place Monday through Wednesday. Discovering the Andes - and seeing that waterfall near the Y and I trails - were truly some of the greatest experiences of my life. A special thanks to Andrea for teaching me about the trails. (I had never been in mountains or hiked in my life). Best of luck to you guys, you are awesome hosts, and its impressive to see how you all protect and care so deeply about that land and its beautiful inhabitants. Until we meet again, Peace."
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