Geography and Climate

Location, geography and biodiversity

1.- Bellavista Lodge is perched at 2200 mts / 7200 ft above sea level, at the top of the valley of Tandayapa, 18 kms / 11.11 miles south east of Mindo town. Our reserve ranges from about 1550 metres to 2500 metres (5000 to nearly 8000 feet) above sea level.

2.- Exact coordinates (Lodge):Latitude: 0.016252 S Longitude: 78.681230 W

3.- Travel time from Quito to Bellavista: aprox 1hour 45 minutes + - 20 minutes depending on the location of your Quito hotel. Equally, it is almost one hour 15 minutes from the Mitad del Mundo Equator monument.

4.- Our environment is cloud forest, both secondary and primary. Correctly speaking, we are subtropical pre-montane rain forest.

5.- Our reserve has at the present time 700 hectares / 1750 acres.

6.- We are located in the edge of the Choco-bio-region.

7.- We have identified over 330 species of birds in the Tandayapa Valley, and we have countless species of trees, other plants and epiphytes, which include orchids and giant bromeliads.

8. – Bellavista is an eco-lodge, initialy certified by Smart Voyager as sustainable tourism. We also help to manage an incipient foundation Foundation for the Sustainability of Northwestern Ecuador

1.- Dry season starts around mid June to early October
2.- Annual rain fall averages 2410 millimeters / 95 inches
3.- Humidity averages 95% throughout the year.
4.- Day temperatures during dry season: average 25C / 77F
5.- Night temperatures during dry season: average 13C / 56F
6.- Day temperatures during wet season: average 20C / 68F
7.- Night temperatures during wet season: average 10C / 50F
8.- Rainfall is present especially during the afternoons and mostly in the months from February to April when we can expect rainfall most days. The dry season can see many days with no rain.

Climate and weather