3 Days / 2 Nights with Cock-of-the-Rock


Our three-day trip is a wonderful way to discover a cloud forest so close to Quito – only one hour 45 minutes away!
This package includes a visit outside the Bellavista Reserve to one of the most iconic birds of the northwest: the Andean Cock-of- the-Rock at its lek!

We offer our guests a unique stay in paradise! Your room offers a comfortable stay in paradise, with great views towards Pichincha Volcano, or over the surrounding forests. Birds galore, and special wildlife like the newly-described Olinguito!

You will enjoy our generous servings of delicious Ecuadorian and international food, in our new bamboo restaurant with broad views over the cloud forest and to Pichincha Volcano.

This package includes round-trip transport from Quito, all meals and accommodation, shared bilingual naturalist guide service, cost of Cock-of-the-Rock trip, and taxes.

Also included are daily hikes into the forest, on our extensive network of safe, well- marked trails, accompanied by our knowledgeable, bilingual naturalist guides. And of course the Cock-of-the-Rock lek!


Extra overnight with 3 meals, and guided excursions in Bellavista Reserve

Full day visit (as a continuation to the Cock-of-the –Rock lek at the same location) to Paz de las Aves Reserve for Antpittas with the “Antpitta Whisperer”. This full day also includes a hummingbird and tanager reserve with many species different from those at Bellavista (different elevation).

Pickup / drop-off from Quito airport available at extra cost.


Day One:
6.15 / 6:30h: Departure from your hotel.
Arrival at Bellavista and breakfast. But first, enjoy the flurry of hummingbirds at the feeders.. always active and always amazingly beautiful!

Settle in, and take a reconnaissance hike into the forest. The moss-covered trees reach up into the sky, festooned with orchids and epiphytes. Miniature frogs hide in the undergrowth. Birds call in the distance, and we often get to see good mixed flocks, or individual toucans as they move through the forest.

13.00h. Lunch
Afternoon: Forest hike – discover the ecology of this mysterious forest - and/or bird watching. Discover some of the unbelievable viewpoints across the forests and the valleys. 19.00h. Dinner.
This evening you have a good chance to observe right at the Lodge the first new species of mammal discovered by science in 35 years in the Americas .. the delightful Olinguito! Other mammals show up too, and also guides have sometimes located the night perch of the strange Common Potoo...

Day Two:
6:15 h. Early morning bird hike .. the best time to see the colourful birds of Bellavista.. right around the Lodge! Masked Trogon, Toucan Barbet, Violet-tailed Sylph, Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan etc. Some mornings the elusive Tayra (Giant Weasel) comes in to a feeding station right here as well!
8:00h. Breakfast

Hike to a waterfall hidden in the forest, or walk our Self-guided Trail. Always with a naturalist guide (altho alone if you like.. the forest is very safe and the trails are clear!) 13.00h. Lunch
Afternoon: Further options for easy hikes or true adventure.
19.00h. Dinner

Day Three:
Cock-of-the –Rock Lek Visit
05.00 a.m.: Depart from Bellavista and drive about 45 minutes to the valley of the San Jose river, where Angel Paz ́s reserve is located. A short hike takes is down to the lek, and as the day gradually dawns, these remarkable brightly coloured creatures squawk , preen and prance! If a female bird shows up (very down-toned in colour by comparison with the extravagant males!) then the males really get excited! Photography options, and a light box
breakfast is provided.

08.00 Return to Bellavista and full breakfast. Morning activities of further explorations into the forest, always new wonders to discover! Or time to relax after the early morning.. sit and enjoy the hummingbirds?
13.00. Lunch
14.30 / 15.00 Depart for Quito
17:00h / 17.30h. Arrive at your Quito hotel

Leaving Quito, we pass the Middle of the World monument and then descend a scenic mountain road with forested mountains all the way.
Reaching the turn to Bellavista, you climb to the top of the mountain, again with fabulous views, where Bellavista Lodge is perched. The trip itself is beautiful, plunging valleys, and with so much forest to see along the way..

Note: Rooms sometimes available on arrival, otherwise available mid-morning.

Note: Various types of hikes are offered, from leisurely hikes to full-scale adventures! There will usually be at least two guides at the Lodge, to offer different options.